Grooming Services:

Our grooming services always include:
  • default_titleBathing (Hydro-surge bath and conditioning)
  • default_titleFluff Dry and Brush Out
  • default_titleNail Trimming
  • default_titleEar Cleaning and Plucking (if required)
  • default_titleShaving the Pads and Groin Area (if needed)
  • default_titleDe-Shedding and Styling of the Head and Body
  • default_titleAnal Glands (if requested)
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Grooming fees vary widely due to the size, condition and breed of dog, as well as the preferred style. Please contact us at (905) 231-2280 for more information.

* Additional charges may apply for de-matting, extra handling on a difficult dog, over weight dog or if your dog has special needs.

Benefits of Regular Grooming:

  • Healthy PetGrooming helps stimulate new coat growth and prevents the formation of knots that can lead to skin irritations.
  • CleanilinessA clean coat helps encourage new hair growth and reduces the amount of pet hair on your furniture.
  • AppearanceMost owners take pride in their pets looking smart and regular grooming will certainly help your dog look its' best.
  • InspectionRegular grooming helps to identify changes in your pet's body that may require veterinary attention.
  • SocializationGrooming is part of your dog's socialization. Regular grooming helps your dog become comfortable with being handled.
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We are open
Monday - Friday
8 am - 4 pm

**closing time varies with the number
of appointments booked

Closed Saturday & Sundays

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I never have to worry about leaving Nike here with you both, because she is always so happy when she comes and when she leaves
Sue P.

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